Social Media in 2024: The Predictions

What does the future hold for social media marketing next year?

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What a year it’s been.

From the slow collapse of Twitter, to the rise of Reels, to regulatory bodies in overdrive.

The digital marketing industry is going into 2024 with a lot of uncertainty.

Today, in our final newsletter issue of the year, we look at what’s likely to come for our industry in the next 12 months.

I spoke this week with Andrew Hutchinson. Andrew is the head of content at We discussed his annual predictions blog post:


01:01 Meta
03:28 Reels/Instagram
08:34 Threads
10:11 X/Twitter
16:59 TikTok

20:07 Snapchat
24:55 Pinterest
27:55 LinkedIn
33:49 Big Story of 2024
38:21 Wrap-up

Main Points:

  • Meta's focus on AI and the metaverse will continue in 2024.

  • Instagram Reels will remain a key ad format and organic post format.

  • Threads has the potential to compete with X and carve its own niche.

  • Elon Musk's plan for X may face challenges and may not be successful.

  • TikTok will explore new areas like food delivery and nearby feeds.

  • Snapchat's challenges include high costs and the need for sustainability.

  • Pinterest will focus on shopping and AR to enhance user experience.

  • LinkedIn's engagement numbers are questionable, but live events may be a marketing channel to watch.

  • The big story of 2024 will likely be the possible end of X/Twitter.

  • The future of marketing will be both exciting and challenging, with emerging technologies playing a significant role.

And That’s a Wrap!

This is our last issue of the year.

We’ll be back on January 3 with continued coverage of the digital marketing and social media world.

Thank you for being a subscriber, and the team and I wish you a restful and joyous holiday!

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